For our company, Stain Code, we have a vision to ensure that the work we are doing tomorrow is better than the work of today.  This vision is at the core of the products we create, every visual we produce, any experience we provide, into whichever industry we enter.  We hold ourselves to unrealized quality standards, demanding that we pay attention to every detail, from the process to the product, so that we can provide the highest level of excellence in everything that embraces our name.

Stain Code is defined by more than the products we produce, creating a culture that defines our standards by which we create.

As we enter the detailing chemical industry, our products are developed to be Earth consciously biodegradable, formulated to excellent grades of performance, and packaged with elegant, 100% recyclable components.  Our vision has provided a clear and concise line up of commercially concentrated cleaners and protectants available to detail-minded enthusiasts.

We are Stain Code, and these are our Vehicle Care products.

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